Turaco Valley Foods envisions a world where everyone has access to quality and ethically produced food. Turaco is an agro-processing company, manufacturing food in refugee hosting areas of East Africa.

Turaco aims to: i) provide more reliable and fair market access for refugee-farmers; ii) increase the availability of affordable and quality food in refugee-hosting areas; iii) generate revenue to reinvest into strengthening the supply-chain through farmer training and developing demonstration farms to trial high-value crops, market linkages and agro-ecological farming practices.

We prove in a tangible way that investing into untapped commercial agribusiness opportunities in refugee-hosting areas, combined with strengthening the supply-chain, can create more resilient livelihood opportunities, improve food security, contribute to wider economic growth and have positive environmental impacts.

We are a social Enterprise that takes small holder farmers very seriously as our suppliers and customers. We therefore heavily invest profits into farmers within refugee hosting areas to strengthen their capacity by providing free mobile agro-advisory services, distributing key agro-inputs and demonstrating best agronomic practices on our own farm, this improves quality yields and subsequently incomes for smallholders. Investment in smallholder farmers ensures that we have an efficient and reliable supply chain for raw materials. We ensure 70% of our raw materials comes directly from refugee farmers and 30% from host communities, buying at prices 5-10% above prevailing market rates which we can afford to do through reducing operation costs (transport), buying directly from farmers and due to prevailing rates being overly-exploitative.

Through maximising efficiencies within local agricultural value-chains and implementing farmer-support activities we can sustainably generate revenues and scale initiatives to improve yields, favourable market access and incomes for farmers within humanitarian settings. This incentivises investment into production to facilitate a transition from subsistence farming into agribusiness.

Currently Turaco Valley Foods is engaged in aggregation and milling of maize grain sourced within Rwamwanja refugee settlement where we have established a milling factory that produces maize flour and bran, with an intention to scale into other refugee hosting areas.

After achieving sustainability through maize aggregation and milling, Turaco Valley Foods plans to diversify into value addition of other crops grown within refugee hosting areas that have proven sustainable and impactful.

Turaco Valley Foods’s mission is to manufacture quality and ethical value-added food products from crops grown in refugee hosting areas, creating more reliable markets for smallholder farmers. We have a vision of a world where everyone has access to quality food.

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